Dr.G.Madan Mohan
MD (Alternative Medicine),
Diploma in Diabetology (VMU),
(University Gold Medallist).

After studying modern medicine and practicing Allopathy since 2000, Dr. Madan Mohan started research in alternative methods of treatment since 2010 to find cure to chronic diseases. His observation was that in spite of development of modern science the disease incidence is growing and in spite of treatment patients are not restored to optimum health. Some thing was found to be contradictory. He communicated with doctors in various fields of alternative medicine to understand the root cause of diseases and treatment methods and underwent various courses to improve his knowledge and received training from USA

Then he applied these principles of treatment on many diseases and found very promising results. He spent lot of time educating people on methods of preserving and restoring health. To make his services available to society, he started Manasa Holistic Health Care Center at Dr. AS Rao Nagar, ECIL, HYDERABAD.