Holistic Health Care
Based on the principle of Holistic Health care, we go beyond elimination of symptoms by looking for the root cause of disease. We aim at helping the body to restore optimum health by activating the natural healing process. By coordination of modern science with traditional science we bring new methods of treatment for chronic diseases.

Diagnosis (Light Wave Resonance Scanner) : 95% Accurate
A novel approach to diagnosis, we use light wave resonance scanner which scans the whole body up to cellular level in less than 30 minutes and gives the functional status of every organ and every system. By analysis and interpretation of the scanner report, we identify the root cause of disease and advise necessary treatment to remove the root cause.

This consists of life style modification, changes in diet and supplementation with nutritional and Bio-Medicines which are pure and natural extracts and do not contain any steroids, chemicals or heavy metals and restore health to optimum levels by promoting natural healing.

Preventive Health (prevention is better than cure)
Any disease progresses in 6 stages and most of the diseases are preventable if an early intervention is started. We detect the disease before clinical symptoms appear and before organ damage occurs and there by prevent the development and progression of any disease.